About Us

Thank you for stopping by and supporting your local Artist. Here at BodyPaintingOnWomen.Com, we believe that there is beauty every where and it’s our responsibility to do all we can to appreciate and promote beauty and art.

cropped-img_1816-sample.jpgWorking collaboratively with other Artist, we will do our part to facilitate this mandate,

IMG_1816-Sampleand provide a connection to others that wish to appreciate Art in its highest form. Our Artist have traveled the World and have been profoundly changed and impacted by the experiences that we have been through. Always stronger, always wiser… for there is no wiser teacher than “Failure”.

Our Artist have been inspired by it all… failure, success, and all of the little things in between. We hope to bring you something unique and inspiring, and that it somehow enriches your life to have stopped by, thanks for checking us out, and enjoy.


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